Ashley Ryder bends over so you can jerk off while looking up her skirt

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Scottish MILF Ashley is getting ready to go clubbing and pull a bit of English cock but she likes to look her very best so lets us video her while she tries on a few of her favourite “wank over me” mini skirts. I don’t know about you but watching Ashley try on these different mini skirts is making my prick hard. Every time she bends over you get a great upskirt view of her arse and that sexy thong stuck up her crack barely covering her asshole.

Video from: Up Skirt Jerk

Nothing gets my cock twitching like the sight of a chubby girl like Ashley bending over so I can peek up her skirt. It doesn’t happen often in life now and again you come across a girl that does it right in front of you and she knows exactly what it is she’s doing. She’s horny as fuck, feeling sexy in a mini skirt and small thong and wants someone to see so she can go home and masturbate over it, knowing that you’re doing the same.  Some girls love the power they have over men and get off on what they make us do to ourselves. Ashley Ryder is that kind of MILF, she loves guys wanking their cock over her and would rather you wank yourself off and cum on yourself than fuck you and then she’ll go and tell all her girlfriends what she made you do. You’ll be the joke of the party.